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The Past is Prologue

Have you ever noticed that you have some of the same interests or fears that members of your extended family have? Maybe it’s a tendency to dislike crowds like your cousin or a passion for classic literature that you share with your grandfather.

An article in Discover magazine cited several examples of how traumatic experiences in our past, or in our recent ancestors’ pasts, can leave “scars” that adhere to our DNA. It seems the experiences of our relatives are never gone, even though they may be forgotten.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) teaches us that although we may not be able to change what comes with our DNA, we can erase bad experiences and negative traits. Likewise, we can strengthen epigenetic assets as well, such as perseverance in the face of adversity or an innate sense of leadership that attracts others.

If this strikes a chord with you, I encourage you to register early for our July 15-18 SRT-themed retreat in the beautiful Rangeley Lakes region of Maine. Set aside a few days to better understand how our family history defines us and more importantly, how we can re-write that history to make our present and future prosperous, healthy and happy. Contact Me today to register—and don’t forget to check out our Retreats page for more information.