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Creating Success

I recently had the absolute thrill of traveling to Cuba. There was a palpable energy in the air, as Cubans find themselves on the cusp of a new beginning for their island nation. Imagine the buzz as U.S. airlines begin landing in Havana with an influx of passengers and tourism dollars that many Cubans have only dreamed of for nearly six decades.

Linda Naiman, founder of Creativity at Work, tells us that “in a world of change, success comes from looking for the next opportunity and having the ability to find hidden connections and insights into new products or services.” In other words, we need to be creative to be opportunistic.

Creativity is all about change, about seeing things in a new way. That’s why I encourage you to attend our “Create” retreat to discover (or rediscover) your untapped potential! Learn how you can employ feng shui techniques at home and at work to increase your creativity so you can explore new opportunities for happiness and prosperity. Visit our “Retreats” page to get all the details and contact me if you are interested in a wonderful adventure.