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Room to Grow

Have you ever wondered why some plants thrive while others never seem to reach their full potential? It might be easy to say it all has to do with the soil or the light or the amount of moisture they get. Those are indeed all important, but the ability of a plant to grow and thrive often has more to do with space—or lack of it.

It got me thinking that especially now, at this time when the Chinese celebrate their new year, we should take time to evaluate our lives and identify things that are confining us and holding us back—whether they be physical (such as an office that’s too small) or philosophical (such as a business plan that is too limiting).

Sometimes it can be difficult, however, to recognize our own limitations. That’s why I invite you to join me and Spiritual Response Therapy instructor Malabika Shaw for a free webinar on Feb. 24. Spend one hour and learn how you can change the landscape of your inner and outer lives, enabling you to live more freely and fully. You may then decide to join us to learn even more at our July retreat focused on SRT.

The first eight participants can join via video; after that you can call in for audio participation. Contact Me to register now…and start growing!