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Hold On to Your Hat!

March is typically known for its blustery winds and wild temperature swings that can leave us feeling a bit unsettled—teasing us with warm, sunny days one day only to be followed by cold winds and snow showers the next.

Just look the year 1956, the last time we celebrated the year of the Fire Monkey. That was the year we learned about the snooze alarm, video tapes and hard disk drives. Elvis rocked the world with his appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show and the first commercial nuclear plant opened. Talk about heat!

So how can you put the innovation and unpredictability of the Fire Monkey to work in your life today? First of all, although it can be difficult, learn to embrace the unknown. Look at it as an opportunity to explore new ways of doing business and building relationships that you may have overlooked in the past. The art and science of Feng Shui teaches us that happiness and prosperity await us all…but only if we open ourselves to the opportunity to find them.

Contact Me today and let me help you embrace the opportunities that await you in the Year of the Fire Monkey, including our special retreat on Spiritual Response Therapy! Learn how you can tap into all the potential that lies within you!