FSC Service

Planting the Seeds of Success

It’s probably safe to say that the worst of winter is now behind us (or at least let’s hope so!) That means many gardeners will begin planting their summer gardens and annual flower beds.

Well, as any dedicated gardener will tell you, the best crops are the result of constant nurturing and lots of patience. The same can be said of my efforts to grow my business. I’ve worked diligently for many years to build my business, planting seeds, tending to my contacts, practicing my skills and furthering my education. That patience and diligence has paid off, as I have been called upon to be a “subject matter expert” for news stories related to Eastern philosophy and have also been asked to teach the art and science of Feng Shui globally.

Being featured in news articles and teaching classes around the world has given me the chance to share my insights with a much larger audience and further my reach for potential new business contacts. I can think of no vegetable or flower sweeter than that for me!

So as you get your hands dirty in the garden, don’t forget that you can spread the seeds of success in your business and personal lives, too. Contact Me today and let me show you how Feng Shui teaches us to tend to the garden of life.

Don't delay! We have a few spots left for our July 15-18 SRT-themed retreat in the beautiful Rangeley Lakes region of Maine. Set aside a few days to better understand how to remove obstacles that may be blocking your path to success, health and happiness. Contact Me today to register—and don’t forget to check out our Retreats page for more information.