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Design Well and Be Well

Did you know that good, Zen-producing design isn’t limited to luxury hotels and spas?

Warm, soothing color palettes, more space for visitors, and big windows that bring in lots of natural light provide patients with many of the same mood-boosting elements that high-end hotels offer their guests. But these good-looking rooms are doing more than just helping patients forget they are in the hospital. They can have a significant impact on recovery times. In fact, patients who occupied a similarly designed model room that was tested before the new hospital was built asked for 30 percent less pain medication than patients in the old rooms did—and they even rated the food and nursing care higher (despite the fact that the meals and care were the same.)

Feng Shui design principles can bring the same sense of wellness to you at home and at work. Find out how Feng Shui employs light, color and space to create balance and harmony in your life so you can achieve better health and good fortune. Contact us today!

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