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Color Outside the Lines!

If you’ve walked into a book store lately, you’ve probably seen them: stacks upon stacks of coloring books. But we’re not talking about the old-fashioned, newsprint coloring books of our youth. Today’s coloring books feature intricate designs and patterns, all intended to help adults unleash stress, un-tap their creativity and improve their brain function.

Creativity comes in many forms. For some, it’s playing with ingredients to formulate a new recipe; for others, it can be found in the garden, where planting and tending to seeds can literally create a new palate of colors and flavors.

So whether your creative juices flow from paint, piano, or pansies, allow yourself to discover how unleashing your ability to make something has the power to make everything different. If you want to know more, please make plans to attend our “Create!” retreat later this month. There are only a few spaces remaining, so reserve your spot today by contacting me if you are interested in this wonderful adventure.