FSC Service, a feng shui consulting service
Feng Shui for your Home

“By working with Kristi and learning how to adjust our energy we were able to envision our situation in a different way and overcome what had been months of obstacles in finding a new home. The timing was remarkable.”

Damindra K.
Financial Security Advisor
and New Homeowner

Balance and prosperity await you…let us help you find it.

Let us apply the modern practice of Feng Shui to your home--bringing balance and energy to your life to help you reach your greatest goals and aspirations.

FSC will review your home environment as well as your personal goals and opportunities. We will then develop a plan to organize your space based on Feng Shui principles.

You’ll soon discover how employing Feng Shui in your home can bring you good health, improve your quality of life and help you achieve great contentment and happiness.

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