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Business Feng Shui with FSC

“Shortly after our consultation with FSC, we were given the opportunity to create a workshop on personal branding and networking for a Fortune 500 company. It was very well received. The project came to us out of the blue and it is clear that our business is experiencing an energy that is bringing us new and exciting opportunities.”

Sara K.
President of an Executive & Business Coaching Firm

Business Prosperity Packages From Feng Shui Consulting

Once you’ve experienced how Feng Shui can bring balance, energy and opportunity to your business, let us help you continue to enhance your business success through our follow-up programs.

Monthly Prosperity Package

  • Past and Present Assessment. We will evaluate the events of the past month and the upcoming month forecast to determine how to enhance opportunities in the month ahead.
  • Suggested Adjustments, as appropriate. As every successful leader knows, business is dynamic. We can help you adapt to changes and restore balance to your environment.
  • Identification of Auspicious Days. By assessing your energy throughout the month, we can help you identify and capitalize on those days that hold promise for your business, as well as those that may prove to be challenging, so you can plan accordingly.
  • Quarterly Office Clearings. Every three months, we will help you “clear the deck,” so to speak, to balance your workplace energy and bring continued harmony and good fortune to your business.

Annual Prosperity Package

Enroll for an entire year of Feng Shui Consulting and in addition to the above benefits, also receive:

  • A review of your business goals.
  • A review of 9 Star Astrology and what it says about the upcoming year.
  • Tips for approaching each New Year to achieve the balance and harmony that Feng Shui can bring to your business and your life.
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